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At the Sea Change Program, our work focuses on the stories that are untold in our communities – experiences of abortion, miscarriage or infertility – stories that are so rarely shared in public. From our anthology of personal essays, Untold Stories: Life, Love and Reproduction, to our interactive card game, Untold Stories: The Game, we introduce people to stories not often heard. And through outreach and research, we engage community members, students, professors, journalists, and advocates around the country in conversations to learn, share, and connect.

By supporting our work, you can help create a world where stories are sources of connection instead of shame. A donation today allows us to continue our work to connect friends, neighbors, and more in a context where they might feel safe to share their stories, hear the stories of others, and become allies to fight reproductive stigma. Give today and that donation will be MATCHED to help even more storytellers share their powerful experiences in 2017! Join us today and let's build a world where all decisions are treated with compassion and respect.